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Featured Artist | Ali Langroodi

“I wrote this song to let the people of my native country [Iran] know that somebody is thinking of them, that they are not alone. Also for my my mother, who lives by the Caspian Sea.” 

This week’s featured artist is writer and poet Ali Langroodi. This past week staff writer Kamie Wagemann got the opportunity to ask Ali how he got started writing songs and what keeps him inspired.

About the songwriter…

Ali gained an interest in writing poetry at a young age. His father, although a mathematician, was very involved with literature. Ali didn’t start writing until he was in college and never shared his lyrics with anyone. He was too shy and was concerned with what people would think of him. He left writing alone for quite a while. It wasn’t until last year that he started writing again. Now that he is close to retiring, he has more time to reflect on his life and what he has experienced. Some great work has come out of it, and Missing West is just one recently completed new song.

Who are the songwriters, musicians, and other humans that inspire you to write?

“I love a wide variety of artists. To name a few: U2, Pearl Jam, and Pink Floyd and any music that makes me happy!”

Are you working on any music now?

“Of course! My next song will be on another social issue. It will be a family love song.”


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