Set My Vocal Melody to Music

Do you write great vocal melodies?…but don’t play any instruments? We write and record professional tracks for songwriters.

With only a simple vocal recording of your melody or lyrics, we can write, arrange, and produce a professional recording of your song.

How do we do it?

We start by listening to your acapella vocal track.  After the key and time signature are determined, we transcribe your melody note for note and compose a full musical arrangement to your specifications.

Then your song is recorded and produced by one or more members of our staff, an exclusive team of talented producers, musicians, and vocalists, all industry professionals passionate about their craft and dedicated to helping you realize your full musical potential.

You have the option to select from one of our many talented vocalists to record the lead vocal track or, using the recording we create for you, track your own vocals at a studio near you.

Post your finished songs and create a fan base through websites and services like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube, or even sell them on iTunes.  Get started today by submitting your melody.

We can accept virtually any format recording but we most commonly receive, mp3 files, wma files, wav files, CD’s or cassette tapes.  Some client’s even record their song ideas on our voice-mail system.  We also accept links to your mySpace, YouTube, or other sites where your material is posted.

Don’t have a way to record your idea?


Call us anytime 24/7 and sing your song
into our voice-mail system.


songwriter/producer for DMS Paul W. Boston, MA

Tips on how to record a good vocal demo:

We highly recommend that you use a click track when recording an acapella vocal track.  If you don’t have one, try clapping a steady beat while recording your performance.

In order to ensure that you are singing in a specific key (rather than say, somewhere in between the key of C and B), we recommend a pitch pipe, piano, or other musical instrument be used to determine a tonal center.  Let’s say for instance, you think the song is in A Major.  Try striking a low A note on a piano while singing and see if it sounds in tune.

The recording quality of your rough vocal demo will differ greatly depending on your particular setup.  We receive some tracks that are recorded in professional recording studios while others, were created using just a simple tape recorder.  For the most part the quality of the recording we receive from you is not important as it is never present in the final mix.

Before and After Samples

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