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Times change, and with them so do the opportunities. Whether you are a career music maker or just starting out, you may find the amount of information on audio production to be downright daunting. For decades, music was recorded in pretty much the same way; on magnetic tape, in a traditional recording studio. The digital age and the internet has blown this concept to bits (pun most certainly intended). So how do we as music makers, take the most advantage of these trends, while remaining true to our musical roots?

Meet the Songwriting & Production Team

Collaborate with a music maker at Demo My Song. If you’re a songwriter, DJ, or producer and have a great instrumental track but no vocal, we can help. You can provide us with a lyric sheet or no words at all, and we can come up with an original vocal melody and lyrics for your track. Or perhaps you do have a recording of you or someone you know singing your song, but you KNOW it could be better! Let’s face it, not all of us can be Adele or Ed Sheeran. If you have a great song, sometimes the only thing holding it back is a great vocal performance. If this sounds like you, then consider hiring on our session singers to help.

Do you have that one amazing song that’s just waiting to be heard?

Sheet Music Maker

There is almost no question that sheet music software will someday be powerful enough to transcribe music with close to 100% accuracy simply by analyzing the audio. Until then, it’s up to real humans to do the work. Luckily however, there are great computer programs for making sheet music easier like Sibelius, or the free Musescore. If you need help with creating sheet music or making a lead sheet for your song, we can help!

Music Maker Apps

If you are looking for some music apps to get started with or to expand your existing arsenal, here are some of our top recommendations. We have specifically chosen options that are affordable, but that are still used by many audio professionals and beginners alike.

Music Production

Reaper (personal license is $60)

Sheet Music Creation

Musescore (free)

Loops and Beats (free, but be sure to get permission if using loops for commercial release)

Music maker apps and software can be very useful at times, and very frustrating at others. Some amazing music can be made now using simple and cost effective tools. It all comes down to how you use them. Still, even with all these cool tech tools and tricks for making music, sometimes there is no replacement for collaborating with with real people; your friends in musical arms. There are some pretty cool new music maker apps and online experiments emerging for music learning. Chrome Music Lab for example, let’s you explore making music through a number of very simple, but educational online tools. As A.I. (artificial intelligence) becomes increasingly influential in how we build our technology, it will be interesting to see how these changes affect the ways we make music together.

Featured Artists

Artist Testimonials

Cindy Akana – Washington

“I’ve produced over 10 songs with Demo My Song now – working with them is always a great experience!”

Tobias Weiss – California

Just finished my third song. Love Brent’s voice and really appreciate Trystan’s focus on getting it right for me. Thanks!

Mark Harper – Delaware

Wow! This is awesome. It’s a powerful feeling to see something you wrote come to life. You guys are great!

Elodie – Australia

Amazing, love them! So happy with them thank you! 

Music Maker F.A.Q.

How do you collaborate with a music maker at Demo My Song?

Send us your rough demo, lyrics only, or even a vocal melody recorded on your phone… we can work with pretty much anything you have to start with in order to create a brand new production.

What do I receive as a paying customer?

When you hire Demo My Song to co-produce a song with you,  you get a CD quality wav file and mp3 of the both the instrumental and vocal mixes of your song.  Sheet music may be purchased optionally and stems are available upon request.  You may download a copy of your signed Work For Hire or Co-Publishing agreement directly from your “artist portal” page at your convenience.

Who keeps the rights to the music?

You decide.  We offer two agreements types: Co-Publishing Agreements (50/50 copyright split) or Work For Hire Agreements (you get 100% of the rights).  When you co-publish your songs we also provide mastering, album artwork, and distribution via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more (90+ sites).

How long does it take?

Most songwriting and recording projects are completed within 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order.

How much does it cost?