Why Master My Song?

Song mastering is the final and critical step when releasing your music.

Mastering is the final step in music production before a song is released commercially.  If you intend to share or sell your music with the public, mastering your song is a must.

Will mastering my song make a noticeable difference?

Yes! The most noticeable difference between a track that has not been mastered and a track that has is volume; mastered tracks are WAY louder.  But a good mastering engineer will do more that just pump up the volume including EQ adjustments, compression and more.

What’s the diffence between mixing and mastering?

Mixing refers to blending all the different elements, instruments and vocals together (the mix).  Mixing your song is a process unto itself and finding the perfect mix often takes many hours (if not days) of fine tuning, nit-picking, and adjusting.  When you are committed to your final mix choices, you “print” down a final stereo wav file of your mix (fingers crossed with plenty of headroom so the mastering engineer you collaborate with has some room to play).

Mastering your song is then a process of importing your stereo mix-down into a DAW (in our case Pro Tools), and then applying a number of outboard and software processing including compression, EQ and a few other goodies.  Our favorite piece of gear here when we master tracks is the API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor – it really glues the final mix together in a magical way!

How can I achieve the best mastering results?  Here’s what we will need from you:

  1. Allow at least -4 to -7 db of headroom on your master output.

  2. Avoid any plug-ins, EQ or effects on your master channel.

  3. Export your final mix at the highest bit depth and sample rate possible.

  4. Submit your WAV. or AAC. file and wait to hear from our producers.

Our Mastering engineers are Berklee-trained NYC based industry pros.

Master your song with a multi-platinum music producer from DemoMySong.com.  Our team of producers and engineers are industry professionals who know how to create a finely tuned mix and master of your tracks. Contact us today about mastering your songs.


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