Recording Studio Services

To collaborate with our recording studio we need just one of the following:

Your Original Lyrics

Music Recording Studio | Demo My Song

Songwriting is our speciality. Send your lyrics or poems to our recording studio and we will co-write the music.

Your Original Vocal

Music Recording Studio | Demo My Song

Have a hook or melody for a song but no music? Send us your “scratch” vocal and we’ll co-write and produce the track.

Your Song Demos

Music Recording Studio | Demo My Song

Already have a fully written song that could be better? Let us take a look “under the hood.”

Find a Recording Studio

No Matter Where You Live

There are recording studios everywhere. So why is finding a good recording studio to work with such a challenge? At Demo My Song, we feel strongly that the relationship between the artist and engineer should inspire. We match your style of music with our staff of songwriters and studio professionals. We help you build an entire team of musicians who are behind you every step of the way, giving you more time to develop your skills as a writer or performer. We aren’t just your recording studio.. we’re your entire band.

Recording Studio Services

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Hire a Music Producer

When you hire a music producer at Demo My Song®, you get much more than an engineer behind a mixing desk; you get a team of musicians who can help with virtually any task from songwriting and producing to promotion. We can work with you no matter where you live, or you can visit us in NYC.

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Songwriters for Hire

Collaborate with the songwriters for hire at Demo My Song®. Our team will co-write original songs from your lyrics or acapella vocal, or we can help re-write and update your older recordings.

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Singers for Hire

Our singers for hire can record lead and/or backing vocals for your songs. Order this option along with a recording package or separately (a popular option for DJ’s and producers in need of vocal tracks only).

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Music Recording Studio

Choosing a music recording studio to work with used to be limited by geography. At Demo My Song® we’ve blown that concept to bits (pun intended). No matter where you live, we can team you up with the talent you need to bring your song ideas to life.

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Music Publishing

Music publishing is how songwriters get paid. The digital age turned publishing upside down, challenging all the traditional models. For songwriters navigating today’s industry this presents unique challenges as well as opportunities. Find out how we are helping songwriters navigate this exciting time in music.

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Song Mastering

Song mastering is the final stage of production before releasing your music. You can select mastering for any song when placing your order for a recording package.

Recording Studio & Songwriting Service | Demo My Song

Sheet Music

Get professional sheet music prepared for your song as a lead sheet containing chords, melody, and lyrics.

Demo My Song | Register a song with U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Music

Protect your creation for future generations. See our tips for how to copyright a song on the U.S. Copyright Office website. If you want help copyrighting your song, you can choose song registration as an add-on when purchasing any of our song recording packages.

Happy Artists

Lily Rashid – North Carolina

“We absolutely love the tune! It sounds great!! This is by far the best experience I’ve had working at a recording studio so far. Thanks for the support!”

Valerie Ferguson – Queens, NY

“I sent my lyrics and a sample (vocal) to Demo My Song to be set to music.I could not believe my ears! I was very pleased with the outcome of the song. I played it so many times because it’s just awesome.”

Kayla Rice – Elberton, GA

“This was a really great experience for me. Trystan and his staff re-did songs I wrote years ago and turned them into something I can really be proud of. I also love the fact that they will help promote your music by putting it on iTunes.”