Session Singers for Hire

The singers for hire at Demo My Song® offer a collaborative approach to recording your song or lyrics online. Select from our exclusive roster of male and female session singers in pop, rock, country, r&b, gospel and more. Do you have a song that needs a perfect vocal track? Explore our session singers for hire below.

Want to hire a singer?

Demo My Song - Female Session Singer - Cayman Ilika
Cayman Ilika | Female Session Singer | Demo My Song®

Here’s what we will need from you:

  1. Your song files. We need an instrumental only and a version with you singing the melody or playing it on another instrument such as piano (sheet music is also acceptable).

  2. Your lyrics. We will follow your lyric sheet exactly so please ensure it’s 100% accurate when uploading your lyrics.

  3. Any special instructions you may have. This could include song references for style/genre or anything else we should know.