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We Produce Your Song or Lyrics & Help You Promote and Sell Your Music

You have a passion for music. Your music. And you want to share that music with the world. The problem is figuring out how to make your music come to life and get it out the masses. That’s where Demo My Song comes in. We work via the internet or in person with song and lyric writers who wish promote their music. We produce the songs for you and distribute your work across the globe.

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Demo My Song - Session Musician - Keys - Tabor

Songwriting Services

It always takes a team to make great music. Co-write your next song with musicians that get your vision. Every piece of music we create with you in an original production, specifically tailored for your song or lyrics. Whether you’re a lyric writer, or a songwriter wishing to improve some of your existing songs, the songwriters at Demo My Song can help. Need a better hook, some lyric edits, or a custom song written for your lyrics? We’ve got you covered!

Demo My Song - Session Musician - Drums - Leo

Session Musicians & Singers

Collaborate with our music recording studio, no matter where you live. Send your rough recordings or lyrics to Demo My Song and we’ll produce a new track for you. We handle every aspect of music production including hiring all the musicians and singers. Our exclusive offering of Berklee trained producers, musicians, and vocalists are passionate about making music with you. Hire a session musician for your next project.

Cayman, NYC Songwriting Contest

Publish & Distribute Your Music

After we produce a song with you, we help you find ways to monetize your music. Start selling your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more.


Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Tobias Weiss

Tobias Weiss – California

Just finished my third song. Love Brent’s voice and really appreciate Trystan’s focus on getting it right for me. Thanks!

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Cindy Akana

Cindy Akana – Washington

“I’ve produced over 10 songs with Demo My Song now – working with them is always a great experience!”

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Mark Harper

Mark Harper – Delaware

Wow! This is awesome. It’s a powerful feeling to see something you wrote come to life. You guys are great!

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Elodie

Elodie – Australia

Amazing, love them! So happy with them thank you! 

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The Demo My Song® Mission

Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to begin marketing and selling your music starting with a fully produced and mastered recording, album artwork, and distribution to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and more.


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