Songwriting Services

We offer songwriting services for lyric writers

Songwriting services is at the core of what we do. Whether you are a lyric writer, a poet, or full-fledged songwriter hoping to improve, the team of songwriters at Demo My Song® can help.

Lyric Editing

Send us your lyrics, poems, or rough song ideas. If you have pages of words written and are looking to collaborate with a songwriter, our songwriting services may be perfect for you. Our staff of songwriters are industry professionals in New York City, Boston, LA, Portland, Seattle and beyond. We provide you with all the tools needed to begin marketing your music, starting with a professional “radio ready” recording.

Get Help Writing Better Hooks

While many of our clients send us fully written songs and others send vocal recording of their melody, still more send us just lyrics, or words around which to build a song from scratch. If you’ve got music, or even a melody, we’ll produce your song just the way you want it. If you only have lyrics, we’ll write original music specifically for them in the style of your choice. Co-publish your songs with us and get album artwork, and submission to iTunes, Spotify and more.

We Make Original Music with Your Lyrics

We have been helping songwriters set their lyrics to music since 2004. Our staff of Berklee-trained songwriters and musicians have co-authored over two thousand songs with songwriters and lyric-writers from all over the world. Send us the lyric – we’ll write the song. Just tell us the style and feel you want, the instrumentation you desire, and we will take it from there.

Set Your Vocal Melody to Music

We work with many clients who don’t play any instruments but they do write songs via a vocal melody and lyrics. Often, these are songs that have great potential but are in need of musical accompaniment. We provide just that – music written specifically for your melody or acappella vocal track and then arranged and recorded to your specifications.

songwriting services at Demo My Song online recording studio
Hire a Songwriter at Demo My Song®
Hire a Songwriter at Demo My Song
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What Songwriters Are Saying…

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Cindy Akana

Cindy Akana – Washington

“I’ve produced over 10 songs with Demo My Song now – working with them is always a great experience!”

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Mark Harper

Mark Harper – Delaware

Wow! This is awesome. It’s a powerful feeling to see something you wrote come to life. You guys are great!

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Elodie

Elodie – Australia

Amazing, love them! So happy with them thank you! 

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Tobias Weiss

Tobias Weiss – California

Just finished my third song. Love Brent’s voice and really appreciate Trystan’s focus on getting it right for me. Thanks!

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Songwriting Services F.A.Q.’s

Can I hire Demo My Song™ for songwriting services?

Yes! Send us your lyrics only, or even a rough vocal melody. We can work with pretty much anything you have to start with in order to create a brand new production.

What do I receive as a paying customer?

When you hire Demo My Song to co-produce a song with you,  you get a CD quality wav file and mp3 of the both the instrumental and vocal mixes of your song.  Sheet music may be purchased optionally and stems are available upon request.  You may download a copy of your signed Work For Hire or Co-Publishing agreement directly from your “artist portal” page at your convenience.

Who keeps the rights to the music?

You decide.  We offer two agreements types: Co-Publishing Agreements (50/50 copyright split) or Work For Hire Agreements (you get 100% of the rights).  When you co-publish your songs we also provide mastering, album artwork, and distribution via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more (90+ sites).

How long does it take?

Most songwriting and recording projects are completed within 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order.

How much does it cost?