Reviews from Demo My Song® clients

At Demo My Song®, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and work hard to meet the unique needs of each and every client we work with. This is why so many of our clients keep coming back for more. Here are some testimonials:

“I don’t know how to say this, but hearing my song set to music brought tears to my eye’s. I thought it was just a dream to have my song put to music. It was worth every penny I paid you and more. You guys did an amazing job! I love it.”

Gerald Kidder – Chandler, AZ

“You hit this one way out of the park!!!!!  Absolutely love all of it. The girl was perfect, the arrangement, mood, everything. Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Frank Theriault – Colombia

“Just listened to the song 10 times over and I love it!  What you did with the chorus oh man!  Fantastic!  Super catchy!”

Dennis Karateris – Osaka, Japan

“Unbelievable!  I’ve got to hand it to you guys. For you to take a rough scratch version like I sent you and add your vision like you did is really incredible.  I’m more than satisfied with it. And I thank you for all your efforts. I will surely work with you guys again.”

Charles Daidone – Metuchen, NJ

“I just received the CDs.  Thank you very much.  You guys did an amazing job.”

Jim McManimie – Gilbert, AZ

“The song is awesome, way better than I was expecting, to say the least.  You guys nailed it; great job.  Thanks again.” 

Rick Sutherland – Logan Lake, Canada

“Great job on the demo.  I play it over and over – its great.  Thank You So Much!  Its Perfect.”

William Brennan – Waterbury, CT

“Thank you SOOOO much!  I hope you realize just how much the work you do means to people like me.  You have brought such joy to my heart today!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You guys are awesome!  This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for.  Thanks again, and please forward my thanks to the others who helped with my song as well!” 

Marty Spears – Jefferson, GA

“Absolutely incredible!  The song surpasses all my expectations and is perfect! I can’t tell you enough how proud and happy I am with it.  You all are magnificent to take my humble ideas and turn them into that beautiful song.  This gift had not just my wife, but my whole family in tears of joy.  Thank you so much!!”

Randall Sparks – Springfield, VA

“It sounds great!  I really appreciate your work on the song.  It’s right on the money.  Thanks again!!

George A. Hicks – Pfafftown, NC

“I love it! I absolutely love it! I think you are spot on and you did an amazing job with the lyrics. My sister and family will be so overwhelmed with this as am I. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. You are fantastic! Thank you for having your website for those of us who can not sing and have no musical talent whatsoever! It truly is beautiful to me. Thank you for making it so special for my sister and the others that have gone through it. Thank you so much.”

Caroline Gardner – Encinitas, CA

“Thanks so much guys, I love it!  I  will definitely use you again!!!!”

J. Stream – Irvington, NJ

“Just heard the song. It sounds great! Thanks so much for getting it to me in such a hurry. I know my dad is going to love it. I figure he will be getting a call from Atlantic Records any day now.  Thanks again.”

A. M. Mercado – Pearl River, NY

“It sounds great! When I have another one ready, I will definitely have you guys do it.”

Bobby Westbrook – Nueveo, CA

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