Song Demo Definition:

song demo /ˈsong demō/ noun. 1. a simple recording of a song which is usually not intended for release to the general public. 2. a cost-effective way to produce a song to pitch to labels or artists.

What is the definition of a song demo? A song demo is a simple cost effective way to produce your song or lyrics. It be made at home if you have some basic recording chops, but it’s also quite common to collaborate with a producer at a studio to make your demo.  The term song demo should not to be confused with ‘demolishing’ a song, though that can be tons of fun too!

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Demo My Song offers a very simple approach to helping musicians get their song demo recorded.  We’ve been doing so since 2004 and in that time have recorded full-length albums and song singles for over 500 songwriters and counting!  Join our growing online community of songwriters and lyricists.  Learn about our song publishing opportunities and more by signing up for our newsletter.