Song Demo Services

Hi, my name is Trystan Matthews. I am a music producer and founder of Demo My Song which provides song demo services to aspiring artists and lyricists. My studio is located in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan where I offer both in-person sessions and/or remote session work. Since we first started in 2004, our team has grown to include, grammy winning music producers, and a roster of professional recording artists for hire. We work with every major genre of music, and anyone who needs help finishing a song or song production. Listen to our samples.

Song Demo Services - Trystan Matthews Founder, Demo My Song
Demo My Song® Founder, Trystan Matthews

Our Song Demo Services Include:

  • Songwriting support
  • Lyric writing help
  • Sheet music
  • Guitar or piano + vocal recording (hire our vocalists or you can sing)

Additional artist development services available.

Do I Need Song Demo Services?

There are many reason you may want to produce a song demo. Having your song “demo’ed” has long been a cost-effective ways to get your ideas down in a format that you can shop around. You may have a great hook, or melody that could be the basis of a hit song, but without the structure of chords and a musical arrangement around it, it will never be ready for mass consumption. Or perhaps you have a song that is basically finished but that you know could be better. Song demos are a great writing tool for songwriters for this reason, as it offers an efficient way to render the song and hear the final composition, before moving on to the final production.

The “Demo Package”

We have been offering the Demo Package since we first started in 2004. I may have prematurely proclaimed song demos to be, “basically over” a few years ago (see youtube clip). What I meant by that was that the industry has changed a lot just in the past 10-20 years and with the advent of cheap home recording, the line between the song demo and indie recording became blurry. And I can understand why. Sometimes you produce a simple recording of a song on your home rig and it just, works. There can be something very honest about the simplicity of a singer with a guitar or piano. But song demos will have a place in the industry for a long-time to come, both as writing tool and low cost way of showcasing your song catalog.

Need to go further than a song demo?

After trying out some song demo services, some writers may be ready to try to take their songs a bit further. For some this means crafting the perfect single, and for others an entire album of material. When you are ready to take your music to the next step, consider our other packages which include “radio-ready” production and the option to apply to our music publishing company 5050songs Inc.

Song Demo Services - Demo My Song
Marcus James Sessions, Brooklyn NY