Song Demo Studio

Band broke up? Writer’s block? Collaborate with our team.

Song demo studios like ours used to receive cassette tapes in the mail. While those analog days were fun there’s no question that in today’s world, collaborating online is the way to go! Demo My Song® is a song demo production studio located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.  If you have that one great song that is just waiting to be heard, we want to hear from you!

Song Demo Studio Mixing
Song Demo Studio

Assemble the band of your dreams!

With our industry professionals at your side, your musical vision can finally come to life.  Send us your rough demos, lyrics, acapella vocal melodies… anything to get us started and we will take it the rest of the way.  We offer four pricing options for any songwriter or lyric writer who wishes to hire us.

Meet the Team of Session Musicians, Singers, and Producers at Demo My Song™