Building a Custom Studio Rack Mount

Now that the space is sound-treated here at Demo My Song and the Laetoli Music Recording Studio, we have been putting the finishing touches on the Mixing and Tracking rooms. Remember that “cord run” we made in the wall between the mixing and tracking rooms? Well, now it is being put to use.

Screen and Computer Control Panel mounted in the Tracking Room
We ran a cord through to the tracking room and mounted a computer monitor on the wall which displays what is on the computer screen in the mixing room. This will enable a producer to easily record his own tracks in the tracking room without having to go into the mixing room to stop and start the track.

In the mixing room, Trystan created his own rack mount using a movable kitchen island/cutting board, inspired by the design found here. He drilled holes in the metal legs and affixed two rack mounts to them using four oak wooden spacers, then simply attached his gear to the rack mounts (which were left over from an old disassembled rack which was sitting around). We did end up purchasing a few bolts and other hardware, but the total cost of the project was about $10.

So now the mixing and tracking rooms are ready for action, the studio is nearing completion…though the largest room is yet to be completed.  The areas left to tackle are the large main room, kitchenette, and bathroom.  The biggest issue is the main room floor, which is covered in the same sticky foamy stuff as the entry and hallways were.

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