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Daisy Augustine is a Christian songwriter and a published poet. She was nominated as one of the 200 best poets of 2003, by the International Library of Poetry, USA.

Lyrics are the skeleton on which a song stands while music is the breath – woven together they must convey a positive message.

What inspires your lyrics?

My Savior Lord Jesus Christ is my inspiration. The constant outpouring of His love has made my heart an unceasing and overflowing fountain of love, that comes out in the form of beautiful song lyrics to glorify His name.

Do you have set formulas to follow when you write?

I believe to write one must have command over the language one is writing in. One must have a thorough knowledge of the subject. Both verses and chorus should be strong and revolve around the pivot – “Song Title.” The chorus should be “sing along and memorable.”
All my song lyrics are original. I believe in originality and am known for it. My songs are the proof. I have never mimicked any poet/song lyricist nor will I ever do it. This thought is far from me.

Who gave you the support to write in the beginning? Did you have any writing mentors?

Nobody at all. No mentors – never. It’s a gift from God. I am focused on two things: 1) my songs must glorify His name and 2) they must bring salvation through joy, peace, and healing into the lives of the audience.

What prompted you to collaborate with Demo My Song® to produce your music?

My internet search. I am glad that Demo My Song makes original songs for co-publishing. It’s a great thing and so relieving that I can continue writing peacefully, because they are taking care of turning them into amazing songs and publishing them all over for digital downloads. Over the past couple of months I’ve done two songs with them, “My Healer” and “On Christmas.” Working with DMS is a beautiful experience.
5050songs Featured Artist, Daisy Augustine
5050songs® Featured Artist, Daisy Augustine
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    Posted at 23:04h, 07 December Reply

    great song! what a blessing 🙂

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