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Jack Fuller is an eclectic MC from Harlem. He studied music at Harlem School of the Arts and works now as a professional songwriter and session vocalist in New York City. His latest release “Encore” was recorded Jan 17th, 2017 during a live tracking session at the historic Sear Sound. He has some weird tastes, so prepare to jam on some stuff that is unlike anything you’re already listening to.

What is the inspiration behind the song “Encore”?

Well the inspiration for “Encore” came at a time where all I had to heal myself emotionally was the stage. I actually was very insecure about EVERYTHING in my life but most of all I questioned the level of my talent. “On the stage one can’t hide.” I felt this was so important to my well being. The inability to hide, let alone the choice not to… the stage was always liberating. It helped me feel good about who I am. Weirdness and all. I was also dealing with not feeling worthy of love outside of family so I was also begging this guy I was seeing to ask me for an “Encore performance” of whatever we’d…get into… he mostly would.

Do you find that the process of writing songs is ever magical in a way, or do you feel you are always in control of that process?

Oh the songwriting process tends to be magical. I’m not one of those songwriters who practices writing by forcing myself to create. I do better letting whatever message come to me and becoming the vessel for that message to be delivered through song. To me the act of opening oneself up is something you practice in everyday life. Besides “Encore” I have a song call the “The Build” that seemed to write itself.

“You’ve done your job if your song has touched even one person’s heart.”

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5050songs® Featured Artist, Jack Fuller

When you were recording “Encore”, did you improvise any of the details in the song?

I definitely improvised a bit in the middle and end. I love ornaments, riffs, melismas. I love creating interesting colors over an already existing picture. Whether I painted it myself originally or I’m “improving” on a classic lol. I don’t always improvise tho. Songs like “With Every Breath I Take” from City of Angels has a melody that needs not new colors other than the heart of the performer.

Any takeaways from your experience as an artist/singer-songwriter that you’d like to share with our community?

To my fellow song writers, remember what we do is something like a ministry. You’ve done your job if your song has touched even one person’s heart. Consumers, you don’t have to take only what you’re given. If you’re bored go hunt for new artists or even old artists you may not know of. Realize there are songs in keys you never heard and it’s time you got hip. Love you all.

  • Charlotte K.
    Posted at 22:06h, 27 June Reply

    Love it!!! His performance was so delicate and creative!! Thank you for sharing the takeaways!

  • Sharla Matthews
    Posted at 21:54h, 30 June Reply

    Really interesting sound.

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