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Rose King is an Irish lyricist currently living in Australia. She has been writing for 25+ years and just recently produced her first song, “Say All the Crazy Things.”

My inspirations are life and people; our feelings, thoughts and contradictions. Right and wrong, good and bad and the madness of our world.

What inspires you to write lyrics?

My inspirations are life and people; our feelings, thoughts and contradictions. Right and wrong, good and bad and the madness of our world. I wouldn’t describe myself as an experienced lyricist. I’d like to, but I’m more like a practicing one.

Who gave you the support to keep writing in the beginning? Did you have any writing mentors?

I wrote through my teens, early twenties and then stopped for many years; letting life and practicalities get in the way. Years later I made time to do what I love and began writing again. My partner has always supported and encouraged me. Now my children are too! They’re enthusiastic even when I’m not, I’m lucky. I haven’t had any writing mentors. Just famous lyricists and musicians that I admire. Leonard Cohen and Richard Ashcroft, to name two.

5050songs Featured Artist, Rose King
5050songs® Featured Artist, Rose King

Do you have any lyric writing tricks or formulas?

I don’t have any set formulas However, I find when I write songs in quick succession, that a pattern forms that I don’t really want. So, I write down what’s on my mind and leave it, let it sit for days or even weeks. (There goes the quick succession!) But then I go back to it with a clear mind, fresh ideas and sometimes a whole new perspective. I wouldn’t want to mimic someone else’s style, no matter how much I admire them. It would feel forced. Subconsciously influences are there but it’s just me and what springs to mind.

What prompted your decision to work with Demo My Song to produce your music?

I found Demo My Song and liked what I read. I kept an eye on their latest productions and artists and when I was ready, sent them ‘Say All the Crazy Things’. I chose their Basic package with a Singer and the results were amazing. Working with Trystan and his team was a great experience for me, I learned a lot.

  • Jay Kennedy
    Posted at 17:32h, 19 December Reply

    Such a meaningful, heartfelt and at the same time ‘coy’ lyric!
    And it was matched with a really compelling & modern melody and singer! Sounds like Taylor Swift could have penned it! Really great job all around.

  • jack adams
    Posted at 18:11h, 19 December Reply

    Very beautiful song, I love it… my daughter vacationed in Ireland in October and had a fantastic time. She Said the people were wonderful. and the country is beautiful.. Good writing. Jack

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