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Willie Colon has been writing and composing music for 40+ years. Formally signed as a recording artist for Profile Records in 1996, he is now continuing his music career as a songwriter with 5050songs. Listen to the pre-release of his single now, “The Beat” available in stores Aug, 7.

“I believe in not being afraid to stretch the sound of the genre and put new spins on it’s sound both vocally and lyrically to continue to evolve the genre in a modern era.”

What is the inspiration behind the song “The Beat”?

The inspiration behind the song “The Beat” was to create a song that parallels the similarities between love and music and how they both have a lifespan that sometimes can be shorter than the lovers or the song creators would want it to be. This record reflects those parallels through crafted lyrics that are meant to paint the picture of a song losing it’s power similar to a love relationship losing it’s spark and fire over time.

Can you tell us a bit about your collaboration process with Justin Colon?

The collaboration process of co-writing with Justin (Artist Name: ENFLUENCE) is quite a special process for a few unique reasons. Reason number one is the fact that Justin is my son. Justin and I have a great chemistry and synergy when it comes to songwriting because I specialize in the ability to compose the beats and melodies of the songs and Justin specializes in giving the song direction and structure and we both have the ability to craft thought-provoking lyrics. Together we have a unique style and ability to craft lyrics and stories out of our music creations.

5050songs Featured Artist, Willie Colon
5050songs® Featured Artist, Willie Colon
5050songs Featured Artist, Justin Colon
5050songs® Featured Artist, Justin Colon

What led you to begin co-writing songs with Justin?

I feel we were both born with the God given talent and passion to create music and there is nothing more special than being able to share that love and passion with my son in the creative process. We hope to touch and inspire people through the music we create. I truly enjoy the process of co-writing songs with my son Justin.

Do you have any creative advice for songwriters who want to write R&B music?

I personally believe that listening and studying the classic R&B songs and drawing inspiration from the lyrics and structure of the songs that have lasted the test of time, and combining that process with a unique new age sound that is currently having success in the genre is a great way to finish a fantastic R&B song. I also believe in not being afraid to stretch the sound of the genre and put new spins on it’s sound both vocally and lyrically to continue to evolve the genre in a modern era. Mookie who is from the Demo My Song Team absolutely understood the vision and personified it through his clever vocalization and his modern musicality.

  • Sharla Matthews
    Posted at 15:29h, 02 August Reply

    Really unique sound!

  • Mitchell Hochevar
    Posted at 14:17h, 03 August Reply

    I have so many songs, some published. Mostly country, some religious, but they keep coming to me all the time, lyrics and tunes

    • Shiwen Chen
      Posted at 13:47h, 06 August Reply

      Hi Mitchell, thank you for your message. If you look to have a music collaboration with us, we’d like to help you out~ You may send your inquiry to hi@demomysong.com

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