Get Instant Feedback For Your Songs

Have you ever wanted instant feedback for your lyric or song ideas?  Why not submit your songs to an online songwriting contest? I recently stumbled upon a bi-weekly songwriting contest called SongFight wherein contestants write and record a song for a given title and votes are cast for a winning track.  “Who Said I’m Dead” by Secret Submarine was recorded in the Demo My Song studio in S. E. Portland for the contest this past week.

The songwriting contest is free, open to all,  and is a great way to get motivated, get writing, and then get instant feedback via votes and a user forum with reviews of your music. Head over to now to listen and vote for the song we recorded this week for Secret Submarine. And while you’re at it, check out the title for next weeks SongFight and get busy writing! Here’s the song we wrote for last weeks contest which landed us second place.

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