How to Get Your Music Heard

Hear Our Customers Song, “Balla Balla Italia Bella” Performed Live on ABC at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City, October 10th, 2016.

It was a beautiful Fall day in New York City; a perfect day for a celebration on the streets of 5th Avenue for the annual Columbus Day Parade.  We love to share the success stories of artists we have helped produce.  Meet Simona Rodano… the “Italian Fairy.”  She came to us with a song she had written – wishing to create a backing track that she could sing along with for her live performance on ABC’s television coverage of the parade.

Simona already had a track which we pretty well developed with guitars, bass and drums, but she wanted to take the production a bit further and create a track suitable for release.  She had a strong vision for how the drums should sound on the recording so she attended our drum recording session with Leo Freire at our studio in New York City.  Watch the video to see some behind the scenes in-studio shots as well as Simona’s entire live, choreographed performance.  

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