How To Stand Out As An Independent Artist on Social Media

With the music industry in a constant state of change, we as artists can only benefit by staying ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to social media. Like many of my peers and the young adults of this generation, I would consider myself an artist. I’m not topping the Billboard charts or producing the next pop record, but I have had my share of gigs in various parts of the world and I create music under a alias on Soundcloud. It feels like we are in a world where everyone wants to be a DJ or produce the next Iggy Azalea single, and for the most part it’s not out of our reach given the network of resources we have as independent artists.


Having a Social Media Presence, Why it Matters.


Amongst this ever growing world of new emerging artist I would guarantee two things. Firstly, a very high percentage have some sort social media presence, this including Soundcloud, Facebook page, Twitter etc. Secondly, an even higher percentage constantly struggle in the fight for listeners, trying to get more plays every time a new song is uploaded.

The harsh reality is that just by solely having your music up online does not yield instant results. The job of an independent artist is not that cut and dry, it comes with a lot of hard work, but with these suggestions I can confidently say you will be heading in the right direction when it comes to getting more exposure.

Solidify your vision – Really take a step back before you even get started. Think about why you are making the music you make and where you want to see yourself going. You are only going to get what you put into it. If making music as a profession is you goal, don’t treat the process like it’s a hobby. This is achievable by make precise and realistic goal for yourself, it is so important to stay grounded with small achievable milestones that will continually build on each other. It always helps to have a plan rather than shooting in the dark.


Optimize Your Social Media – Get Rid of the Clutter!


Going off of what I mentioned about professionalism, this translates with social media. If you really want to take this seriously, make sure you post things that are engaging and relevant to you and your craft. Do not use social media as a platform to post insignificant junk that will ultimately avert your fan base. If you are lucky enough to have any sort of fan base to commit to following you online, you want to reward them with quality content. The same goes for Soundcloud, I am a firm believer that an upload should reserved for tracks of a certain quality. This meaning, fully finished tracks, dedicated artwork and proper titling and tagging. Anything that does not meet this requirements should be be taken down. You are in a much better position by only have one or two completely polished tracks presented cleanly on your Soundcloud than pages of “previews” or “works in progress.” 


Steadily Post New Songs on Social Media


Although it’s easier said than done, it makes the biggest difference if you are putting out new material at least once a month. It all relays back to setting goals, if your followers are seeing something new on Soundcloud every month, you are staying current in their minds and more likely to be shared with their extended network. With social media, I think one selective post related to your craft in any form will result in small but absolute increases in follower engagement. The hardest part is being constant and remembering to post every day.


Be Focused and Selective With the Songs You Release


Once you have a clear sense of what you want to do and where you want your music to take you, that’s when you take an active approach. I think the most important tip I can give is to simply reach out effectively. You are your own publicist, and no one is going to come across your work unless you are proactively putting yourself out there. Begin to compile lists of contacts and emails, all of which are relevant to your music. This includes blogs, websites, magazines or even other artists that you aspire to. Draft out a clean and concise email that will introduce yourself, state the nature of your reach out and allow the viewer to quickly listen to your music. The goal is to find the certain outlets that enjoy your music and begin to build a relationship. With a little bit of work, you can easily begin to create your own following by just keeping in contact and up to date with your releases. This is something that is so simple but extremely effective if your outreach is tailored correctly.

Taking these practices are not going to give you immediate results, but I can guarantee over time you will see what a difference it can make.  It’s no secret that this industry is an uphill race with endless competition, but those who are diligent and can follow through on their goals are always going to stick out from the rest.

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