How to Write a Love Song

Writing a song can be hard. Writing a love song can be downright painful. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to write a love song, I know how it feels. If you are a songwriter it’s safe to assume you’ve also experienced writer’s block at some point or another. Trust me when I say this – even Maestros feel stuck sometimes.

If you want to write a beautiful love song, here are a few tips that may help:

  • Surround yourself with the things that you love. If you want to write a love song, ensure to create an environment that has all the things that you adore. If you love nature and outdoors, go out and write in the fresh air! Seek out the places you love most and write your masterpiece there.
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  • Don’t sensor yourself… at first. Let’s face it. Love songs can be corny. But a good love song always comes from the heart. Rather than writing a song full of worn-out cliche’s, allow yourself to be fully vulnerable. Don’t edit yourself, at least at first. With a love song, it’s more important than ever to let it flow directly from the heart – you may be amazed at what comes out!
  • Spend more time with your lover. Consider yourself lucky if you are in love already. Spend more time with your partner in order to have the love energy flowing all around you. The more the love energy, the easier it will be to write that special love song.
  • If you are heartbroken, embrace the momentIf you have lost someone close to you recently do not despair. Some of the best songs ever written were of love’s toil and torments. Take solace in knowing that your heart will heal in time. In the meantime, writing a song can be one of the most cathartic and health beneficial activities there is.
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  • Keep the image of your lover in front of you. Make sure to revisit the image of your lover over and over in your head to find the inspiration you are looking for. What are the finer details that come to mind? This is your chance to express something deeper than what words alone can.
  • Instead of coffee or tea,  go for hot chocolate. Chocolate is scientifically proven to release endorphins in the brainHot chocolate is the thing for all the love songwriters and lyricists out there; chocolate triggers the romantic emotion in you and you begin writing with all your heart. It also gives you a great excuse to write more love songs 😉
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  • Develop a romantic environment in the houseIf you want to write a good love song, create an environment for the same. Hang a few hearts in your room, place a few candles, get some flowers and sip your favorite wine; we are sure the song would come out of your heart and not just your pen.
  • Visit romantic places to get in the moodVisit that romantic café down the lane of your house or go to your favorite park at night and start writing on your tab.
  • Watch romantic videos, movies and listen to your favorite love songsRomantic videos, movies and songs motivate you to write beautiful love songs.
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