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Interview with Leila Kthiri

It’s Not the End is a song about strong love, a painful break-up and new start.

Are the lyrics based on some sort of a personal story?

For some time I was pretending that this song was not about me. But the truth is, despite the fact that someone else’s story did indeed inspire me to write my first draft, there is a fair amount of my own emotions exposed in this song. So, the lyrics were based on a mixture of a personal and someone else’s experience. I think “It’s not the end” could tell the story of many of us who have lived an exceptional kind of love but also its dark side. Because exceptional love isn’t always uplifting and supportive; it could be toxic and over possessive. Gradually we start losing our very self and free will. We may deny our ambitions, careers, friends and family to pay back the love of one single person. I know for a fact that it is extremely painful to decide to walk away from someone because they love you just too much. But when your own love starts dragging you down, it has to be done.

You wrote the lyrics for “It’s Not the End.” Did you also contribute to the music?

I do not write music. But like in every project, my producer and I discuss the choice of music together. He usually asks me if there is a particular musical genre that I prefer, or an artist or song that inspires me in particular. I usually answer by saying ‘I like all kinds of music.’ It’s my way of preventing myself from interfering with the natural flow of his imagination. I don’t like to impose any limitations to his artistic freedom. I want him to feel the lyrics his own way and translate his feelings into authentic musical notes. The more we succeed to complete each other, the more we’ll be able to co-publish special songs. So far, the artistic chemistry between me and my music producer is there and we’re pretty amazed with the rest of the team by the turn that “It’s Not the End” took.

“It’s Not the End” ©2016 Leila Kthiri/Laetoli Music(ASCAP)

You just said that you like all genres of music. There must be a few that inspire you more than others, no?

You know when you come to a period of time when you’re crazy about one single style or genre that you consume day and night, night and day? Well, I went through three of those: the Rock period, Soul music period and then Electro. It’s not to say that I have a reduced passion for the other styles, but mentioning those particular genres reminds me of those times when I was a bit crazier. In a good way of course!

There is a positive message in “All of a Sudden.” Are you an optimistic person in real life, no matter what…?

I’m trying to be at least five days a week! I’m like everybody else, I have my moments of weakness, I may have one of those lousy days when I would scream, “Why God, why me!?” But I usually don’t allow these moments to linger. Acceptance is one of my constant principles in life. When things go bad, I just need to think about all the beautiful and amazing things that happened to me, or simply surround me. Sometimes I forget to do so, that’s why it was necessary to have a reminder of such a song as “All of a Sudden.”

How long have you been writing songs?

I have a background in literature and poetry. Naturally, my first attempts in writing were poems, but not really destined to music. Those poems were just a late night activity, nothing more. Over time my love for words and my passion for music found each other and I started writing songs during Fall, 2015. I copyrighted my first collection of songs that includes “All of a Sudden” and “It’s Not the End” Winter 2016. In Summer 2016, I wrapped up a second one and I’ve just started a new collection this Fall.

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