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This past week, we participated in SyncSummit in NYC, a music licensing networking event for artists, producers, and music supervisors (those looking for music for tv and film). It was an inspiring two days, with noted speakers Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga) and others weighing in the power of sync.

“Anything can sync” – Rob Fusari

Rob Fusari talks about how any type of music can find a home in film or tv, and likens his approach to producing for sync opportunities as a sort of machine gun spray.

“If you start targeting you will never win. The things you think are right for an advertising opportunity or a sync they are not going think is right. It never lines up. It has never lined up for me. It never goes that way. Don’t line up, just spray.”

Other thoughts on the future of music licensing.

Rob Fusari talks about getting a call to license “Paparazzi.”

What is BlockChain?

Developing ways to track digital usage of your music is a critical step towards protecting creators of digital content. Blockchain is “an online technology that documents what happens from a licensing or sales perspective” – Mark Frieser (see audio below). Listen to the audio to find out more about this emerging technology, and the role that AI will play in its evolution.

Visit SyncSummit to learn about the next sync event.

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