Music Promotion | Why Networking Matters for Musicians

As the saying goes, “Networking is everything.” I saw some really interesting trends when going over all the votes that proved this is true. Artists that received more than 100 votes were more likely to have fans who voted for multiple artists. Those with less than 100 votes were dramatically more likely to have fans that voted only for them and not for others. What does the this mean?

How Red and Suraj worked together to take 1st place!

In the final 24 hours the top two position holders in each category were neck and neck. Seeing how tight the race was going to be, Red G. and Suraj D. found each other on Facebook and networked for each-other. The results were undeniable. Networking made the difference for these two contestants. In the end, it’s why they took 1st place. When tallying up the final numbers, the votes that Red’s network added to Suraj, and the votes that Suraj’s network added to Red were just enough to put each of them in the lead for their categories by an average of just 12 points each!

Congratulations to the contest winners for running classy campaigns to promote your songs!

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