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Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Justin

Collaborating with a music recording studio was once limited to those with high budgets. Digital recording and the internet brought a new era of connectivity for artists, making it easier than ever to connect with the talent you seek.

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Ari

No longer are the days of dealing with flaky musicians and band mates who don’t get your vision. Our musicians and singers for hire are Berklee College of Music trained. When you join our songwriting community you will have direct access to our professional roster of award-winning producers, songwriters, singers, and studio musicians.

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Trystan Matthews

The music recording industry has seen many rapid changes in the past decade. We are here to help you navigate these changes. Demo My Song has been helping singer-songwriters and lyricists release their music since 2004. Send our team your song ideas or fully completed material today.

Music Recording Packages

Demo Package

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Taber

A great song can be produced using the simplest instrumentation such as a guitar or piano and vocal. Some of the best ballads and love songs ever written were recorded using just these instruments. Our Demo Package is a great option for songwriters who need a simple, professional recording. You can send us fully written songs, lyrics, or a recording of just you singing.

Basic Package

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Drummer - Leo Friere

Need to get a band recording made on a budget? The Basic Package covers three instruments; just enough to get your point across. Our most popular arrangement with this package is guitar or piano, bass, and drums. With all of our packages you may sing the song yourself, or you may choose from one of our many singers for hire.

Band Package

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Singer - Jack Fuller

One of our most popular music recording packages at Demo My Song is the Band Package. We record your song or lyrics with 5 session musicians at a price-point that can’t be beat. The artists we collaborate with love this package because it’s a fun way to build your own custom band, with whatever specialty instruments and players you desire.

Pro Package

Music Recording Studio - Make Your Own Song with Demo My Song

Our Pro Package offers the same great service as the Band Package, but you get more instrument tracks and the song is mixed and mastered by a Grammy winning producer. The specific producer we team you up with will depend on your style of music.

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Artist Testimonials

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Cindy Akana

Cindy Akana – Washington

“I’ve produced over 10 songs with Demo My Song now – working with them is always a great experience!”

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Mark Harper

Mark Harper – Delaware

Wow! This is awesome. It’s a powerful feeling to see something you wrote come to life. You guys are great!

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Elodie

Elodie – Australia

Amazing, love them! So happy with them thank you!

Music Recording Studio - Demo My Song - Review - Tobias Weiss

Tobias Weiss – California

Just finished my third song. Love Brent’s voice and really appreciate Trystan’s focus on getting it right for me. Thanks!

Music Recording Studio FAQs

Is a Demo My Song® a Music Recording Studio?

Yes! You can can collaborate with our music recording studio remotely or in-person at our Manhattan location.

What can I send to Demo My Song?

Send us your rough demo, lyrics only, or even a vocal melody recorded on your phone. We can work with pretty much anything you have to start with in order to create a brand new production.

What do I receive as a paying customer?

When you hire Demo My Song to co-produce a song with you, you get a CD quality wav file and mp3 of the both the instrumental and vocal mixes of your song. Sheet music may be purchased optionally and stems are available upon request. You may download a copy of your signed Work For Hire or Co-Publishing agreement directly from your “artist portal” page at your convenience.

Who keeps the rights to the music?

You decide. We offer two agreements types: Co-Publishing Agreements (50/50 copyright split) or Work For Hire Agreements (you get 100% of the rights). When you co-publish your songs we also provide mastering, album artwork, and distribution via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more (90+ sites).

How long does it take?

Most songwriting and recording projects are completed within 1-2 weeks from the time you place your order.

How much does it cost?