Why Net Neutrality Matters for Musicians

Why Net Neutrality Matters for Musicians

As a musician supported solely by my internet company since 2004, I have long been an avid believer in the power of the internet to liberate people. The open internet provided fertile ground for Demo My Song to grow into a fully functioning online music marketplace for singer-songwriters, musicians, and producers. Today, internet businesses like ours as well as users at large are facing a threat due a potential rule change at the FCC.

A battle to keep the internet open is being waged at the FCC today. Watch this video from Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

Net Neutrality. What is it and why is it important?

At the heart of the debate of net neutrality, is whether or not all bits are created equal. Just like free speech is treated in the United States, the rules that dictate the open internet sets strict limitations on what corporations can do to manipulate or control how our data flows from server to device. The big internet companies and cable/news providers don’t like net neutrality – they want to tear down those restrictions. Artists and musicians need a safe way to create and share their message with the world. Protecting this digital landscape for the public interest, now and into the future, is vital to maintaining our art, culture, and the roots that make us who we are.

Please take action by writing and calling the FCC with a message telling them why you want to keep the internet open. Tell the FCC to uphold the rules of net neutrality.

 1-888-CALL FCC (225-5322)

Ajit Pai,Chairman

Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner

Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner 

The fight for net neutrality goes back a long way. Here’s a post I wrote urging my friends to write to the FCC on this issue in 2010.

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