Creating our own reverb/echo chamber for live drum recording!

This past weekend we transformed the stairwell of our studio building in Midtown Manhattan into a reverb/echo chamber. Reverb is an effect that can be applied to any sound to create a sense of distance or depth and we use it on a daily bases for almost all of our projects. These days this effect is usually achieved with software plugins. But by running the original sound source through an amp and capturing the resulting sound on the three separate microphones placed at various heights in the stairwell, we were able to create an echo chamber and capture reverb the old-fashioned way.

live echo chamber

An even more ideal echo chamber is this subway station in London.

By definition, reverb is the persistence of sound after the original sound is produced. Therefore, Depending on the desired effect, different types of spaces create different reverb responses. Here at Demo My Song, we are always striving push our boundaries and utilize the resources we have. Professionally built echo chambers tend to be extremely expensive and not readily available to everyone, but as it turns out the stairwell in our 12 story building works great an an reverb chamber.

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