Studio Progress

Hello loyal readers!It has been a few weeks since we started working, and the studio is shaping up nicely. We have thoroughly cleaned and painted the mixing room, tracking room, and one room that will serve temporarily as our business office, but we will eventually be turning it into another recording room.

The mixing and tracking rooms were quite easy.  The tracking room was the first thing we tackled, and all it needed was a fresh coat of paint on the walls and floors.  The mixing room was next, and was equally easy.  It required a little bit of spackle to fill some holes in the walls, and again a fresh coat of paint.

Next came the floors in the  hallway connecting the mixing and tracking rooms. They were covered in linoleum which must have previously had carpet on it, so it was covered in carpet glue and foam.  Trystan ripped the linoleum out and painted the floor grey to match the floors in the tracking and mixing rooms.  The floor in the entrance to the studio was also covered in the same glue and foam.  For several hours Trystan sanded this section of floor, with the intention of restoring the hardwood floors, but eventually decided to paint the floor grey so that it would match the floor in the rest of the studio. Then finally we cleaned up the room for the business office, painted it, and put in the furniture and office supplies.

In the coming weeks we will be sound treating the mixing room, which we have decided to dub the “Red Room”, and the tracking room, which we have dubbed the “Orange Room”.  We will be using wide band absorbers, a pair of Helmholtz resonators, bass traps, high frequency absorbing panels, and semi-cylindrical poly-diffusers.

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