Post Concussionist | A Song About Healing

“Post-Concussionist” ©2016 Vera Quijano/Laetoli Music(ASCAP)

What is the story behind “Post Concussionist?”

5050songs Featured Artist, Vera Quijano
5050songs® Featured Artist, Vera Quijano

“Post Concussionist” was written as a mission to raise awareness about female concussions from accidents, sports, military service, and domestic violence. Please listen and share! Thank you to Trystan Matthews and Paul Naas! Couldn’t have done this without you!

5.3 million Americans are living with a TBI-related (Traumatic Brain Injury). This is a song about my personal experience written in support of #pinkTBI. Please listen and download the song now.

Visit Pink Concussions to Learn About Their Work.

5050songs Featured Artist, Vera Quijano | pinkTBI

Another tear rolls down My face, screaming 
Inside my world is spinning Round and round. 
Please let me in. No... get me out of here. 

Strangers calling No, 
it’s voices in my head Pounding, 
and pressure fills my life Time dragging on, 
so slow Nowhere to go from here. 

Constant burn, 
and lightning Strikes my brain 
Damaged goods No longer have a name 
Tossing, turning Why’s it so loud in here? 

Phantom mind 
Who am I? Where’d I go? 
Away from home, too long Vacation La La Land 
Poor lost soul Home is nowhere near.

Flashing lights 
Demon visions 
Telling lies 
Broken pieces 
Random faces 
Why the disguise? 

Feeling down 
Where are my friends? 
Say I look the same? 
Well I'm not the same 
Is this how it all ends?

Dazed, confused 
Darkness every day and night 
Watchman, off this eve again 
You’re on your own No kiss goodnight 

Emotions frozen Broken heart, 
no love for me Tonight 
I’m on my own again Walking dead, 
alone Why fight this fight?

Flashing lights 
Demon faces 
Telling lies, lies, lies 
Broken pieces 
Blurry vision 
Why the tricks? Why the disguise? 

Feeling down 
Where are my friends? What friends? 
Say I look the same? But I'm not the same! 
This hell... is there no end? 
This hell... There is no end!!

Stop talking at me! 
Your words are loud, and too fast
It’s not that I’m dumb I’m a post-concussionist 
Stop talking at me! I’m trying my very best 
I’m sorry my best’s not good enough, for you I’m just a post-concussionist

Nice to meet you 
What’s your name again? 
So sad, unsure what to do with this 
Can’t find my words To explain why Have we met before?
What’s your name again?
Impaired, afraid No power, like before 
Excuse me, just a minute I think I’m going to cry

Never mind. Did you smell the roses? Or see that sky? Well I *felt* that sky! 
I’m the Lucky One! Post-concussionist All I can do is try! 
Been private messaged From Above I’ll soon see The Light! 
Still alone But no longer lonely 
One day... I’ll win this fight! 
I’m going to win this fight!

Stop talking at me! 
Please! Try to be considerate 
I can see you just don’t understand 
That I’m a post-concussionist 

Stop talking at me! 
Please! JUST STOP! 
The overwhelm... it’s keeping me down 
Cause I’m a post-concussionist
  • Donna J Raga
    Posted at 07:49h, 20 November Reply

    Wow Powerful and sadly so on target. Your song, lyrics rally touch the life experience that occurs once acquired a TBI. Touching your understanding brought tears as it touched my heart. Thank you for sharing.

    • Shiwen Chen
      Posted at 14:43h, 22 November Reply

      Hi Donna, thanks for listening and for your kind comments.!

  • Linda Hart
    Posted at 18:35h, 20 April Reply

    Thank you, Your song continues to help me find the light

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